Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sequence Photography!

Jumping pictures are always fun...but even more fun off the jumping rock, of course! And what better way to capture the fun than by trying out a little sequence photography?!

We've talked a lot about masking (like in the Matrix post and the levitation post), which makes putting the pictures together easier to manage. Just make sure you bring your tripod, set your camera to "continuous shooting" or "burst" mode and you're done! Well...that's not true - it takes a couple of jumps to find out where your friends are going to land in the water and therefore how to compose your shot, but other than that it's a great effect for relatively little work!

One thing that cost me a couple of good jumps was a shutter speed that was too slow. Even at 1/250 there's still some motion blur....

And just as a footnote: man was I glad I brought a garbage bag with me. I kept it in the camera bag and pulled it out to put the 5d mark ii in it every time I went in the canoe. I felt like an idiot doing it - until we tipped the canoe (of course) as we were getting in close to shore. Think I stopped to help my friends out? Uh uh! Much as I love 'em I went straight for the camera. Yoink! Sorry guys - though I'm glad you're ok.

For more on vintage effects (including vignettes, cross-processing and lomo effects), see this post.

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