Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Trash The Dress!!!

Floating Girl with Red Umbrella
Due to the seasonal cold I realize that in many places - certainly in Toronto - now is perhaps really not a good time to jump into a wedding dress and head for the beach, makes a good continuation of last week's post and...I've only just recently gotten around to editing these pictures....

The Red Umbrella
"Trash the Dress" style shoots seem to be gaining in popularity. As long as you can find a wedding dress in a second-hand shop or in a relative's basement (or perhaps even your own!). Wedding dresses are funny things - people throw a lot of money at something that will take up space in the basement for the rest of eternity only to see one day of use. That's perhaps the subject of an entirely different post...but a trash-the-dress-style shoot gives you a second opportunity to get all glammed up and get some of the other artistic shots in your dress that you may not have gotten on your wedding day....

Relaxed on the Dock with Flower
In any event, once you've found your dress(es) all you need is a model (or two, or three, or...). Even out of the second hand shop, dresses are still not cheap. Consider going in on the costs together with some other photographers like we did.

Yulia - also check out her Latin & Ballroom Dance Studio at
The theme of the day didn't turn out to be a total trashing of all of our dresses, and it doesn't have to be. The idea is to create a scene that you might otherwise not have on the big day. After the wedding in particular, you might not feel you have to be quite as careful with your wedding dress, and so you're a little freer to take it to the beach and jump in the water! Now doesn't that sound liberating?!

Yellow Flowers

...or you push it to the extreme and go all out like these super dress-trashers:

Image by the amazing John Michael Cooper!

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Jessica said...

A woman drowned in Quebec doing this. Remember
that fabric gets heavy when it gets wet.

shayne gray | photography said...

I heard about that recently - crazy.... We definitely had a lot of people around. Safety is absolutely a priority!

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